Axiata Sustainability

Our Policies & Guidelines

Our OpCos operate in varied markets and environments, with specific circumstances and challenges that necessitate a localised approach to certain ESG issues. With that said, we have developed a suite of policies which aim to harmonise the approach of our OpCos to important topics, driving consistency in our actions and minimising sustainability-related risks.

Our OpCo-level policies may be found on their respective websites.

Digital Integrity

We take a proactive stance to protect our customers and stakeholders from data privacy and cyber security risks.

Sustainable Supply Chain

We require that our suppliers adopt responsible and sustainable business practices that are in line with our standards.

A Purposeful Mission

Ultimately, our initiatives contribute to our corporate vision, purpose and values, delivering on our responsibilities as a regional telecommunications and digital leader.

Our vision

To be The Next Generation Digital Champion

Our purpose

Advancing Asia


Uncompromising Integrity & Exceptional Performance