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Emergency & Disaster Response

Advancing Our People & Communities

Emergency & Disaster Response

Natural disasters can cause significant damage to individuals, property, economies and the environment, and we operate in various countries that are particularly prone to these events. Moreover, climate change has led to more frequent extreme weather events, increasing the threat of such disasters occurring.

As a digital conglomerate with a strong and stable network across the region, we have a major role to play in supporting national governments and communities in the face of natural disasters. In line with GSMA’s Humanitarian Connectivity Charter, we leverage our resources and expertise to improve disaster preparedness, resilience and coordination with the humanitarian sector, aiming to provide timely information to affected individuals and facilitate more effective response efforts between MNOs, governments and NGOs. These efforts are augmented by Axiata Foundation’s Jalinan Kasih Budi programme and the humanitarian relief efforts of our OpCos.

Our responsibility also includes ensuring the continuity of essential services when natural disasters occur. To this end, each of our OpCos have adopted a robust Business Continuity Management (BCM) Framework and are entrusted with overseeing comprehensive BCM programmes. To minimise the impacts of any disruptions to our operations, we also develop plans which include communication protocols and recovery strategies while providing employee training programmes and drills to ensure awareness and preparedness at all levels.


As a digital business, we are committed to improving and expanding the reach of our services. We recognise the critical role that our partnerships play, particularly during times of crisis and disaster. We are dedicated to strengthening our existing relationships with local disaster agencies, foundations, non-profit organisations and government entities, while also remaining open to exploring new partnerships that can further enhance our ability to support communities during emergencies. Our goal is to ensure that we can provide dependable connections and vital information to enable effective disaster management and to support society’s overall safety and protection.

Strengthening Disaster Preparedness (Pre, During And Post)

Taking into account specific natural disaster threats in each of our countries, our OpCos have developed localised plans and initiatives to ensure the continuity of our networks and services. Digital solutions have also been introduced to help communities monitor key flood indicators, enabling effective early warning systems that save lives.

Our OpCos' Disaster Response Preparedness and Monitoring Actions

Put in place a BCM policy and procedure which includes an emergency response plan, crisis management plan, disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan, while conducting periodical BCM exercises and tests


Implemented the IoT Flood Monitoring solution in partnership with Jakarta Smart City, whereby water levels are monitored at critical points across Jakarta to enable early warning messages and evacuation of threatened areas

Continues to support Cambodia’s groundbreaking early warning system, EWS 1294, by issuing timely alerts about upcoming disasters through SMS, and received accolades from prominent organisations including the National Committee for Disaster Management and People in Need for their efforts in bolstering climate disaster resilience in the country.

Established a comprehensive BCM policy and framework which oversees the implementation of various business continuity strategy documents including a Business Continuity Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan and Emergency Evacuation Plan. Conducts regular periodic tests, exercises and awareness programmes to ensure the effectiveness of each plan.

Successfully implemented a thorough Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) and achieved ISO 22301:2019 standard certification status. ADL has also undertaken a comprehensive process to identify and assess potential threats with the aim of ensuring uninterrupted delivery of critical services and products.

Adheres to the ISO22301 standard, which encompassess a holistic BCM process focused on identifying potential threats and minimising disruption to critical services and products.

Upskilling Volunteers 

Our AxiataCares Volunteers (ACV) play a crucial role in supporting communities during natural disasters. In partnership with the Malaysian Relief Agency, we empower them with vital skills in disaster preparedness and training in critical areas such as Psychological First Aid, enabling them to make a greater impact. 

Response And Contribution During Disasters And Times Of Crisis

We are actively involved in disaster relief efforts across our operational areas, at both Group and OpCo levels, demonstrating our dedication to community support.

Our OpCos’ Contributions to Natural Disaster Relief Efforts

Continued to work with the Malaysian Relief Agency to empower volunteers and bolster disaster preparedness initiatives, including by implementing a Basic Disaster Preparedness Workshop that equipped our AxiataCares Volunteers (ACVs) with training in critical areas such as Psychological First Aid. 


Worked with the Malaysian Relief Agency to provide essential aid to flood victims in Johor and Kedah, and contributed to the establishment of mobile clinics that enhanced medical support for affected communities.

In 2023, Robi distributed relief to 3,000 families and 113 affected Field Forces affected by Cyclone Hamun, deployed portable generators in cyclone-affected areas to sustain network services and enable mobile recharge facilities, and extended support to 1,300 flood-affected families in the Bandarban district.

In 2023, Dialog contributed to the Manudam Mehewara multi-corporation humanitarian alliance, which provided emergency relief totalling Rs 324.5 million to over 120,000 families in need, addressing food insecurity caused by the economic crisis.

Partnered with Global Peace Mission Malaysia in 2022, providing 100 volunteers to help flood relief efforts in Malaysia while assisting over 200 victims through a clothes donation drive

Subsidised 50% of groceries – including eggs and chicken – at major supermarkets nationwide under the #BoostUntukRakyat relief campaign in 2022, enabling Malaysians to better provide for their families amidst the ongoing cost-of-living crisis

A Purposeful Mission

Ultimately, our initiatives contribute to our corporate vision, purpose and values, delivering on our responsibilities as a regional telecommunications and digital leader.

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