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Advancing Our People & Communities

Emergency & Disaster Response

Advancing Our People & Communities

Emergency & Disaster Response

Natural disasters can cause significant damage to individuals, property, economies and the environment, and we operate in various countries that are particularly prone to these events. Moreover, climate change has led to more frequent extreme weather events, increasing the threat of such disasters occurring.

As a digital business with a strong and stable network across the region, we have a major role to play in supporting national governments and communities in the face of natural disasters. This starts with ensuring that information can continue to flow uninterrupted and that key services remain accessible when disasters occur – in line with our support of GSMA’s Humanitarian Connectivity Charter – and also includes developing digital solutions that empower communities to anticipate and respond swiftly to these sudden and potentially catastrophic events. On top of this, our OpCos have implemented comprehensive business continuity management (BCM) policies and frameworks, cognisant of the importance of our networks to national rescue and recovery efforts.

Beyond our technology, we also bring boots to the ground via our committed network of employee volunteers, providing basic essentials to help communities get through these trying times.


As a digital business, we are committed to improving and expanding the reach of our services. We recognise the critical role that our partnerships play, particularly during times of crisis and disaster. We are dedicated to strengthening our existing relationships with local disaster agencies, foundations, non-profit organisations and government entities, while also remaining open to exploring new partnerships that can further enhance our ability to support communities during emergencies. Our goal is to ensure that we can provide dependable connections and vital information to enable effective disaster management and to support society’s overall safety and protection.

Strengthening Natural Disaster Preparedness

Taking into account specific natural disaster threats in each of our countries, our OpCos have developed localised plans and initiatives to ensure the continuity of our networks and services. Digital solutions have also been introduced to help communities monitor key flood indicators, enabling effective early warning systems that save lives.

Our OpCos' Disaster Response Preparedness and Monitoring Actions

Put in place a BCM policy and procedure which includes an emergency response plan, crisis management plan, disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan, while conducting periodical BCM exercises and tests


Implemented the IoT Flood Monitoring solution in partnership with Jakarta Smart City, whereby water levels are monitored at critical points across Jakarta to enable early warning messages and evacuation of threatened areas

Supplemented its crisis management plan, business continuity framework and business continuity policy with regular crisis simulations and training in handling earthquakes and fire disasters


Collaborated with the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology to operate an early warning system for floods, broadcasting over 3.8 million early warning messages in 2022 alone

Piloted a warning message system for people in disaster-prone areas in collaboration with the People in Need and National Committee of Disaster Management, with the fully functional system expected to be ready by 2023

Empowering Volunteers Across Our Business

Focused in Malaysia, our AxiataCares Volunteers (ACV) play a crucial role in our community-based activities, and through purpose-fit training and development we’re empowering them to make a greater impact. Between July and December 2022, 57 volunteers were provided with training in various areas including sign language, life support and disaster preparedness, enabling them to contribute to our frontline disaster response initiatives.

Responding Swiftly To Natural Disasters

As a responsible corporate citizen, we are there when our communities need us, providing essential goods to natural disaster victims and aiding the efforts of NGOs.

Our OpCos’ Contributions to Natural Disaster Relief Efforts

Provided emergency help to flood-affected individuals and families in 2022, distributing 300 food packs, 400 survival kits and 100 hygiene kits to families in Hulu Dungun and Jeli, Malaysia

Partnered with Global Peace Mission Malaysia in 2022, providing 100 volunteers to help flood relief efforts in Malaysia while assisting over 200 victims through a clothes donation drive

Subsidised 50% of groceries – including eggs and chicken – at major supermarkets nationwide under the #BoostUntukRakyat relief campaign, enabling Malaysians to better provide for their families amidst the ongoing cost-of-living crisis

Supporting Sri Lanka’s Recovery with

With Sri Lanka going through an unprecedented economic crisis in 2022, Dialog stepped up to the frontlines with, a crowdfunding platform that connects verified and trusted non-profit organisations and causes to donors.


The platform was launched amidst the crisis itself, bringing like-minded individuals together and enabling funds to be sent quickly, safely and transparently to organisations equipped to make the most difference for the country in its grave time of need.


As of 2022, the platform has registered about 2,500 donors worldwide and over 100 causes in Sri Lanka. Visit here

A Purposeful Mission

Ultimately, our initiatives contribute to our corporate vision, purpose and values, delivering on our responsibilities as a regional telecommunications and digital leader.

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Our purpose

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