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Advancing Green Economy

Environmental Management

Advancing Green Economy

Environmental Management

We recognise the important role that resource use – and reuse – plays in reducing our footprint.

With this in mind, driven by our aim of advancing circular economy practices and minimising negative impacts across our businesses, we have adopted a broad remit to environmental management that covers waste management, water consumption and biodiversity conservation.

In strengthening our environmental management, we seek to nurture a culture of sustainability amongst our workforce, thereby driving independent, broader participation and positive action in managing our resources.


In 2023, the Group’s environmental approach will shift towards greater circularity, with OpCos identifying ways in which they can contribute to the circular economy. We will also continue to track and monitor our waste management performance, and explore innovative solutions to reduce our environmental footprint.

Driving Waste Reduction And Recycling

In recognition of the severe environmental impact of waste on the environment and local communities, we have adopted a wide-ranging waste management strategy that focuses on reducing waste generation, promoting recycling and ensuring responsible disposal of waste.

Each of our OpCos are empowered to develop their own waste reduction strategies, with the common area of action being the introduction of digital processes to reduce the use of paper and drive operational efficiency.

Subscribed to DocuSign, enabling documents to be signed electronically for reduced paper usage

Introduced Coupa, a digital integrated procurement system for goods and services, thereby reducing use of paper

Implemented a digital stock control system to minimise use of stationery and paper while continuing with its single-use plastic policy

Implemented e-Kunu, which creates an internationally and locally certified disposal chain. This ensures that mobile and electronic waste is properly recycled and that any environmental impact of the product is properly managed

Fostering Environmentally Friendly Workplaces

Beyond our waste reduction and recycling efforts, we recognise that our workplaces are a key contributor to our use of resources – such as energy and water – and to our generation of waste and emissions.

With the aim of making our workplaces a hub for change, we have introduced more resource-friendly processes and technologies such as LED lights and solar power while encouraging our employees to adopt environmentally friendly practices in their everyday lives.

Promoting Biodiversity

Biodiversity is an important component of environmental management. In this area, we continue to support initiatives that involve tree planting or that protect our flora and fauna.

Ring Road Green Belt

Ncell has continued to maintain the Ring Road Green Belt, a collaboration with the Department of Forest and Soil Conservation to develop greenery and transform the 10.2km stretch of the ring road from Koteshwor-Kalanki into an exemplary green belt. As part of the project, Ncell landscaped the green belt by planting over 12,000 trees, bushes and hedges, while covering over 77,000 sqm with natural lawn.

The Bird Watch Pledge with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)

Created in accordance with the Wildlife Conservation Act 2010, the Bird Watch Pledge reinforces EDOTCO’s commitment to conserve Malaysia’s wildlife habitats, implement new policies and processes to minimise the destruction to bird nests on its towers and create awareness about the importance of raptor conservation amongst employees.

To learn more about this initiative and EDOTCO’s contributions, click here.

Reforestation and Cooking Oil Recycling Project

EDOTCO also collaborated with Axiata Foundation, Yayasan Hijau Malaysia (YHM) and FatHopes Energy to launch a reforestation and cooking oil recycling project. In addition to educating Malaysians about oil recycling and encouraging its practice, the project pledges to plant 3,400 trees throughout Peninsular Malaysia this year by planting one tree for every 10kg of oil collected.

Learn more about Axiata Foundation’s Environment pillar.

A Purposeful Mission

Ultimately, our initiatives contribute to our corporate vision, purpose and values, delivering on our responsibilities as a regional telecommunications and digital leader.

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