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Advancing Digital Societies

Digitisation & Innovation

Advancing Digital Societies

Digitisation & Innovation

The digital landscape – and the world as a whole – is being transformed by cutting-edge technologies like data analytics, cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). To fully capitalise on the opportunities that these technologies bring, we are undergoing a transformation of our own – from pure-play Telco to diversified TechCo.

Being a TechCo means thinking beyond connectivity alone. It entails integrating digitisation and analytics within our processes to achieve functional and operational excellence. Above all, it requires us to create a culture that encourages and rewards innovation, then apply those innovations towards driving efficiencies and opening new growth avenues for our business.

Guiding this journey is our Group-wide Digital Transformation Framework, outlining the five core areas where our digitisation efforts are focused:


To enhance collaborative efforts aimed at driving the evolution of analytics and AI, and enable the creation of innovative and sustainable solutions. This will further extend the capabilities of the Group to move towards a future that goes ‘beyond connectivity’ and helps in our transition from Telco to TechCo.

Our Five Core Areas of Digitisation

Products & Services

External Interfaces

Infrastructure & Platforms

Internal Processes

Organisation & Culture

Products & Services

External Interfaces

Infrastructure & Platforms

Internal Processes

Organisation & Culture

Driving Transformation Through The LEAP Programme

We created the Learn, Engage, Accelerate, Perform (LEAP) programme to cultivate a digital mindset amongst our workforce and accelerate the digital maturity of our OpCos. By promoting intra- and inter-OpCo collaboration on digital transformation initiatives, the programme has made digital transformation more tangible to our employees, driving greater momentum on our journey.

As part of the programme, our LEAP NOW competition provides an opportunity for our OpCos to submit digitisation projects and initiatives that incorporate ESG elements. In 2022, 52 unique projects were submitted to the competition, with the most common technology levers being Process Automation and AI.

Adopting An Open Digital Architecture (ODA)

To further accelerate our Telco to TechCo jouney, we have adopted an Open Digital Architecture (ODA), whereby we utilise Open APIs and other collaborative digital frameworks to work with partners from across the industry.

By harnessing the potential of the broader digital community in this way, we are driving greater operational and cost efficiencies, enhancing speed-to-market and improving our innovation potential. Our efforts were validated in 2022 when TM Forum recognised us as one of only three telecommunications companies worldwide to have successfully implemented ODA at a large scale.

Introducing Smart Solutions For Business And Society

As part of our ongoing digitisation efforts, we leverage cutting-edge smart solutions to drive the transformation of our enterprise customers and keep them at the forefront of technology.


Contributing towards climate action by marketing solutions that improve operational efficiencies, reduce carbon footprint and reduce energy usage

Smart City

Smart Buildings

Smart Fleet

Smart Agriculture

Smart Grid


Empowering society with the ability to prosper through digital inclusivity as well as digitised and modernised processes aligned with sustainable development

Digital Education

Smart Healthcare

Digital Inclusivity

Smart Safety and Wellbeing


Enabling safe, secure and responsible business practices

Smarter Cyber Protection

A Purposeful Mission

Ultimately, our initiatives contribute to our corporate vision, purpose and values, delivering on our responsibilities as a regional telecommunications and digital leader.

Our vision

To be The Next Generation Digital Champion

Our purpose

Advancing Asia


Uncompromising Integrity & Exceptional Performance