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Axiata Sustainability


The social value we generate

Our Customers

Digital connectivity has become a basic good – forming the basis for people to benefit from life’s opportunities, whether at work, play or in terms of access to basic services like education and healthcare. It is therefore our duty to provide customers across our business footprint with quality connectivity at all times – affordably, safely and

With the need for reliable connectivity becoming even more acute in the wake of the pandemic, we have invested to improve network quality and bolster our cyber security measures, expanding the reach of digital technology to even more people in our footprint countries.

  • Customer Service

We work towards delivering a truly seamless customer experience that provides digital access to all of life’s conveniences, while ensuring that customer safety and data privacy is safeguarded to the highest possible standards.

Specifically, through employee-driven programmes to drive the digitisation of our products and interfaces, we have further enhanced the customer experience, resulting in the launch of new and improved products that meet their evolving digital lifestyle needs.


Consistently Achieving Excellence In Customer Service

Our OpCos utilise digital technologies to remain abreast of feedback and enhance the customer experience, while regularly measuring customer satisfaction standards to ensure progress against set KPIs, leading to excellent results in key customer service metrics across our operating markets.

Staying Attuned
To The Feedback

Using data and analytics for more accurate customer profiling, segmentation and sentiment tracking

Providing A
Seamless Experience

Our Progress

Regularly measuring our customer service standards across a range of KPIs, each of which are benchmarked to industry peers

Maintaining Customer Satisfaction

Net Promoter Score


in 4 out of 6 markets

Digital Reputation Score


in 4 out of 6 markets

Brand Power Score


in 3 out of 6 markets

Description of our material matters

Our material matters are determined through a bi-yearly process of materiality assessment, detailed below:

1. Review Of Material Matters

We review and update our material matters in response to changes in our business landscape, risk environment, internal policies, KPIs, emerging local and global sustainability trends, regulatory developments and stakeholder opinions. Our review also incorporates peer benchmarking.

2. Stakeholder Engagement

We conducted a structured stakeholder prioritisation exercise by leveraging insights from our dialogue with various stakeholders on our material matters. This allows us to identify the influence and dependence of key stakeholders on the Group. We then engage with the prioritised stakeholders to obtain their feedback on material matters.

3. Sustainability Impact Assessment

Upon identification of our material matters, we conducted workshops within the Group to further prioritise materiality matters from the business perspective.

Description of sustainability material matters - Next Generation Digital Champion

Material matter


Material matter


Sustainable Business Growth

Consideration of Economic, Environmental and Social (EES), and positive direct and indirect value creation in our strategic investment decisions to enhance our shareholder returns

Network Quality & Coverage

Enhancing network quality and coverage through continuous improvements in efficiency, availability and reliability

Digital Inclusion

Providing affordable and innovative products and services in bridging the digital gap

Digitisation & Modernisation

Technological innovation to enhance key internal business functions, improve process efficiency and effectiveness, and promote innovation and business continuity

Description of sustainability material matters - Environment

Material matter


Material matter


Climate Action

Internal controls and monitoring mechanisms to manage environmental impacts

Resource & Waste Management

Towards circular economy within our operations as well as the solutions we can provide our customers and supply chains waste management

Description of sustainability material matters - Social

Material matter


Material matter


Fair Employment & Welfare

Fostering fair recruitment practices by embracing diversity and inclusion in the workforce, and offering employees fair compensation and benefits

Talent Development

Promote development and uplift competencies of employees to respond to the rapidly changing and complex business environment

Employee Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Providing for the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees in ways that address key challenges and bring value to their livelihood in the workplace

Customer Service

Delivering a differentiated user experience for customers, and offering the most affordable products and services relative to customer promise in our highly competitive markets

Supply Chain Management

Consideration of EES factors across supply chain management and processes

Community Development

Financial and non-financial contributions to support local communities, underprivileged and underserved groups

Emergency & Disaster Response

Providing society in times of emergency and disaster, through the contribution of our business streams in disaster response

Description of sustainability material matters - Governance

Material matter


Material matter


Business Ethics & Compliance

Enhance business integrity compliance within the ambit of Malaysian and international laws on bribery and corruption

Data Privacy & Cyber Security

Protection of all data, information and intellectual property against cyber security breaches

Regulatory & Political Risk

Management of the evolving changes in the regulatory landscape and political context